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Don't know how to get started or which niche is right for you?

You have bills to pay and responsibilities and can't let go of that full-time job unless you know for sure that you can duplicate that income.

You long to transition to something satisfying, engaging, and challenging.

You need to avoid heading in the wrong direction and wasting a lot of time and money on things that won't pull in the income you would like to see.

So how DO you get started in online freelancing?

You need to follow a step-by-step framework that begins by showing you exactly how to choose the right niche for you.

From there you need guidance on where to acquire the skills you need to succeed in that niche OR how to take your existing skills and make them marketable online.

Then come the foundations of your online business and marketing.

And then you're ready to launch and get your first client.

Replacing the income you currently have isn't very difficult

At Freedom Through Freelancing, we believe that becoming an online freelancer is THE fastest, most direct path there is to working from wherever you want, on your own terms, and being financially self-sufficient.

This isn't an online course teaching online marketing theory.

It’s an in-depth series of trainings by a coach who really knows exactly what you’re struggling with, will tell you exactly what to do, and keep you accountable.

We talk hard numbers.

You'll get your questions answered no matter what level you're on. You won't feel like everyone has their own system and you’re on your own.

You'll also get to be in a small group where you’ll really go in depth in the issues and discuss the specific projects you and others are working on.

In your small group, you will help keep each other accountable and keep each other going.

You won't feel like you're alone and nobody understands what you're doing.

When you complete the course, you’ll have the confidence and experience to secure work online as an online freelancer.

Make supplemental income for your college kids, for you, for a vacation that’s long overdue.

Don't keep commuting everyday and trading all your time and energy.

Supplement your retirement income working from home and retire sooner rather than later.

Have the freedom to live where you want and to travel when and where you want.

Notify me when enrollment opens

Here's the breakdown of Freedom Through Freelancing...

Done-For-You Templates and Checklists.

Keep your business organized and systematized from the get-go.

The Freedom Through Freelancing Support Group.

Start building your support network of online colleagues right away inside our active Facebook chat group. As a member, you have ongoing future access.

That's the full kit you need to make it happen.

The only questions now are... Do you want this enough to act? How determined are you to create a flexible income, to obtain the freedom to design your days?

I've put years of experience, training, and consulting into this course, so that you can really shortcut the process and start earning money without getting overwhelmed by information overload or shiny-object syndrome.

Time to make your move.

Turn your dreams into reality.

Meet your coach...


I'm Adrienne Luedeking, founder of Fruitfully Alive and Freedom Through Freelancing.

Years ago I moved to Los Angeles with dreams of being a film producer.

This dream was fueled by a desire to escape the traditional corporate 9-5 path which I felt was confining.

I was passionate; I wanted to see the world; I wanted to be free.

I needed money. All of my actor friends needed money, too.

So they became waiters and waitresses, and I always heard about how much they were struggling to make ends meet.

And then one day one of my friends complained to me, "My agent just told me I have an audition for tomorrow, but I can't take the time off from work or I won't be able to cover rent this month."

I grabbed her by the shoulders and said, "Mindy, if you do not go to this audition, then you are a waitress and not an actress."

I started researching alternatives to busing tables which would give me flexibility and financial freedom.

That's when I discovered the marvels of working remotely and freelancing.

I started freelancing and made $3,200 in my first month working part-time hours.

My hourly rate ranged from $25-$75/hour and my schedule was flexible!

I had found a way to finance my dreams without selling my soul.

That is what I want for you. That is what I know you can do for yourself.

What are you waiting for?

This might just be happening at the perfect moment for you.

At the moment when you're ready to supplement your income from home or replace it entirely.

I have worked with dozens of women who want to work from anywhere and have seen them succeed and achieve their dreams. You can, too.

Freedom Through Freelancing is opening soon!

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"Number one most important to me is just: thank you. What you were able to do for me in an hour was to give me the best expert, insider view of this business that I could imagine. Apart from just the support, I took away some truly invaluable nuggets of business knowledge about how to maximize time and effort to grow. And also the incredible value of finding the right expert and coach for what you need and what you do!"

Aline, USA

"I just had to write and say that I’m so grateful for all of your help. At first I wasn’t sure if this was right for me and I was already overwhelmed, but you gave me clarity and got me through it. You taught me so much. I can’t believe I can actually say that I own an online business. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Marianne, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

If you've been wanting to work from home, thinking about freelancing, or struggling to get started, this is for you.

I’m going to be there every step of the way as you choose your niche, learn the skills needed to succeed in that niche, set up your business, and discover how to market yourself.

We'll be in this together.


Freedom Through Freelancing is focused on helping you get started and giving you what you need to be successful.

You’ll be guided through a step-by-step framework for the best foundation for your business. No more wondering where and how to spend your time, or what to do. The beginning freelancer will have a guide with which to cut through the overwhelm, distractions, and shiny-object syndrome. You’ll go from clueless to savvy.

This is not a training that teaches you the skills needed for your niche; for example, this training won't teach you accounting principles if you've chosen to be a bookkeeper, or how to run a social media account if you've chosen to be a virtual assistant.

But it will teach you the universal fundamentals of your chosen business and how to grow it the right way.

I will be there every step of the way, checking in with you and guiding you. You’ll have my full support as well as a community of others just like you.


You have 14 days to decide whether or not you want to stay or go.

Meaning, you have a full two weeks to check it out for yourself, 100% risk free.

And if for ANY reason, you decide it's not for you? Simply contact me or my staff for a full, prompt refund. No questions asked, no hassles, and no hard feelings either. :)


When you join, you’ll receive:

  • 18 Secretly Lucrative Niches that are about to Explode ($497 value)
  • 30-minute 1:1 call with me ($250 value)
  • Guide To Getting Your Boss To Let You Work Remotely (with talking scripts) ($497 value)

You can continue to go it on your own. But you won’t get the step-by-step framework and structure, community, accountability, and coaching from me. You also won’t get the resources and tutorials I’ll be giving to the members.

You can do it on your own, but it will probably take you longer and cost you more in the long run.


If you still have any unanswered questions...

Shoot me an email at: [email protected]

And don't try to decide right now if the Fruitfully Alive Freelancers’ Bootcamp is right for you. Instead, here's what I recommend:

Get in while you're thinking about it and the offer is still available.

Remember, because this program is protected by my 14-day, 100% money-back guarantee, you can check it all out risk-free.

If you decide it’s not for you, all you need to do is send me or my staff an email letting me know, and you'll receive a fast and courteous refund. And you won't hurt my feelings; we'll still be friends, I promise!

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